Sunday, September 16, 2018


I think that this year is gettin' better and better, musically speaking always! After so many great albums so far, it's time for OUTLOUD's newest opus with the title "Virtual Hero Society" through Rock Of Angels Records. The band is fronted by the amazing singer Chandler Mogel and the 'mighty' Bob Katsionis (Firewind) who is doin' an excellent job here (as always).

The other members of Outloud are Sverd on bass, Jim Scordilis on guitars and Thanos Pappas on drums. "Virtual Hero Society" (or VHS) is an album that marks a new chapter in Outloud's career. It's an album that the band finds its true sound and also it has to do with some society's 'deeper' matters such as cell phones, social media e.t.c. It, also, shows the band's nostalgia regarding the 80's!!! 

The music is basically melodic hard rock with emphasis on strong melodies, harmonies, big guitars, excellent synths and in general things that Outloud are well-known for!! 

After the solid opener, "Fool's Train", it comes the first highlight of "VHS". "My Promise" is really huge! Up-tempo and edgy "My Promise" is 100% Outloud. In my opinion, it's the new "We Run", the band's new anthem and a future classic. "Virtual Heroes" is heavier, modern and with a killer guitar solo in it while in "I Am The One" we are dealing with yet another amazing song. I have to say that Bob Katsionis and his gang nailed it with "I Am The One". Just listen to the chorus line and I can assure you that you'll sing-a-long for days. 
The ballad of "Share My Dreams", the pop-ish "World Go Round" and the U.S. flavored "We Got Tonite" are three more great samples of Outloud's music. With "Borrowed Time" the band delivers yet another explosive hard rock gem with a catchy chorus line. The same goes with the heavier "Live With It" while in "...And I Tried" we have another winner out of "VHS".  The amazing a-capella tune of "Fallen Love" shows the fantastic voice of Mogel in all its glory and the song that closes this new album, "Fight On", sees Outloud goes a bit metallized!!!!!  

This is just killer, no filler, melodic hard rock stuff with class and style!!! Outloud with "Virtual Hero Society" are gonna make some noise to the melodic hard rock world, period!! 

Rating : 9/10

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