Saturday, September 29, 2018

REVIEW : URIAH HEEP --- Living The Dream (Frontiers Music s.r.l., 2018)

Bands such as Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, DIO, Rainbow, Whitesnake and Uriah Heep are legends in the history of rock in general. These bands have grown up many generations of rockers and their songs are timeless in every serious rock fan book. 

Uriah Heep is a legendary band, as I mentioned above, and nowadays is back in business with its brand new record which is entitled "Living The Dream" through Frontiers Music. "We have been together for 47 years and we have seen many bands come and go, so in effect we are ‘Still Living The Dream,’ so it was the perfect title for the new album,” says Uriah Heep guitarist and founding member Mick Box. Exactly; Mick said it perfectly, this band continues to live its dream with yet another solid album that will please both old and new fans of these legendary rockers. 

"Living The Dream" is a typical, in any way, Uriah Heep album. It's melodic, it's heavy, with some strong progressive pinches and it's a kinda of updated album that will find its place in 2018!! 

I think that the first couple of tracks, "Grazed By Heaven" and "Living The Dream", are some of the finest examples of the new opus. Classic Uriah Heep tunes that made me extremely happy!! "Take Away My Soul" is punchier with a great and more AOR-ish chorus line and it's among my personal favorites out of "Living The Dream".  

The acoustic mid-tempo "Waters Flawin'" sounds perfect, the totally 70's "It's All Been Said" and the groovier "Falling Under Your Spell" are all three songs that will make the old fans of Uriah Heep very proud.   

Uriah Heep is a band that is very experienced, almost 50 years on their back, and with albums like this new one they show that they still got it to deliver well-played, solid and heart-full hard rock n'n roll. 

Rating : 8/10  

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