Sunday, September 30, 2018

REVIEW : DREAM CHILD --- Until Death Do We Meet Again (Fronties Music s.r.l., 2018)

Frontiers Music Records is a label that continues with the same passion and vision to deliver some excellent albums over the years. One of these records is this one and the sure thing is that will make every metal head very proud!! Dream Child is a kinda of super group 'cause it consists of musicians such as Craig Goldy, Rudy Sarzo, Simon Wright, Diego Valdez and Wayne Findlay

Pretty impressive line-up, don't you think? A plus to the above is the addition of the 'mighty' Alessandro Del Vecchio who is responsible for the mastering and mixing of this opus and there you have a damn solid melodic metal album. 

"Until Death Do We Meet Again" is entitled Dream Child's debut album and one thing is sure, the DIO fans will love this one at once. It's a classic melodic metal/heavy rock release that is heavenly influenced by bands like DIO and Rainbow and includes some excellent performances by Diego Valdez (this guy here sounds like R.J.Dio), superb guitar lines (Craig Goldy ) and a tight as hell musicianship 'cause of the quality of the rhythm section (Sarzo, Wright and Findlay).  

Songs like the opener "Under The Wire", "You Can't Take Me Down", "Games Of Shadows" or "Playing The Fire" 'smells' DIO and Rainbow from miles away!!! The heavier "Midnight Song" is one of the album's highlights and one of my personal favorites here. It features a strong groove, strong performances and Craig Goldy's amazing guitar lines. Other top moments out of this debut are "Washed Upon The Shore", "In A World So Cold" and "One Step Beyond The Grave" (this one could easily appear in every DIO record back then). 

This is a killer no filler classic melodic metal record!!!! If you are a fan of DIO, Rainbow or Deep Purple's earlier works, then look no further, "Until Death Do We Meet Again" is an album that you got to have in any cost!!!

Rating : 9/10

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