Sunday, September 24, 2017

REVIEW : SiLK9, "Retribution" (2017)

SiLK9 is a band that for sure knows how to rock, period!! "Retribution" is entitled the band's newest EP and it rocks big time. SiLK9 has already released a 9-track album, "Exit The Pain", and nowadays is back with this really interesting new opus to make some noise.

This new EP kicks-off with the punchy and in-your-face tune of "Knife In My Back". An edgy hard rocking track that includes heavy riffing, a tight as hell rhythm section and some excellent in-your-face vocals that grabs you and leaves you hungry for more! To be honest, it reminded me a bit of Tango Down's first couple of albums.

Next comes another solid track with the title "Erased My Memories". A more classic hard rock tune that includes a darker vibe in it but again it features some really excellent guitar riffs and of course, an explosive chorus line! "I Don't Know" is a bit more modern and more aggressive compared to the previous two while in "Shattered And Stained" the band 'goes' to a more Nickelback direction this time and delivers another yet killer song!! The last on, "Damage", is pure modern hard rock paradise. It's heavy, powerful and with a bad-ass attitude song that must be played on a maximum volume!

Excellent modern heavy rock album from start to finish, period! This band takes the best from the late 80's, early 90's hard 'n' heavy scene and mixes it perfect with today's modern metal sound and the result is solid! I'm looking forward to their full-length album! 

Rating : 8,5/10

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