Saturday, September 23, 2017


Stygian Fair is a new metal band from Sweden and "Into The Coven" is their brand new EP. The band consists of  Pontus Akerlund on vocals, Emil Holmqvist on guitars, P-O Jonsson on drums and Anders Hedman on bass.

Stygian Fair's style can be described as classic metal with heavy, still melodic, guitars, strong vocals and an overall mid 80's vibe in it. Even though the sound doesn't help the finale result, this band still delivers some solid metal stuff that will be appreciated by any metal-head out there.

This is a 6-track only EP and what you get is pure and old-fashioned metal stuff. I think that the Maiden-esque 'pinches' are all over the album but Stygian Fair tries and, at the end, achieves to put, also, their own mark in "Into The Coven".

In my opinion, Stygian Fair's 'power point' is without any doubt the guitars!! Emil Holmqvist delivers some excellent riffs and solos and shows his talent all over the album. I think that this band with a better production and with an overall bigger sound can do much better, no doubt 'bout that. They have the ideas, they sure have the 'metal feeling' and the talent, but the one thing that is missing is the production.

Rating : 6,5/10 

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