Sunday, February 5, 2017

REVIEW : Bloodbound -- War Of Dragons (2017)

For sure, it's been an impressive journey for these melodic power metal act so far. Bloodbound since its creation in 2005 has already released six albums and a live cd/dvd; not bad at all!! They have toured with some of the biggest names of the metal scene such as Hammer Fall and U.D.O. and they, fairly, are considered as one of the biggest hopes in this particular scene.

After the solid debut, 'Nosferatu' (2006), the band parted ways with singer Urban Breed. The next album, 'Book Of The Dead' (2007), found ex-Jaded Heart singer Michael Bormann on vocals. But due to Bormann's other obligations, Bloodbound searched again for a new shouter. For 'Tabula Rasa' (2009), Urban Breed took over the lead vocals but once again they parted ways!! Patrik J. Selleby was finally the singer for Bloodbound and with him on board they recorded and released a new opus with the title 'Unholy Cross' (2011), 'In The Name Of The Metal' (2012) and 'Stormborn' (2014).

So, nowadays, one of Sweden's premier metal acts is ready to unleash its brand new opus with the title "War of Dragons". In this new record, the band continues were 'Stormborn' left; thunderous epic/power metal stuff with plenty of melodies, razor guitars and strong performances are all included in this new and very impressive album!!

The first highlight of "War Of Dragons" comes with the huge and anthemic power metal hymn of "Tears Of A Dragonheart"! Yes, this is the best sample of Bloodbound in 2017! Epic, power, melodic and with great arrangements this tune is simply perfect! "War Of Dragons" is faster, more straight-forward and the neo-classical guitar elements (that are plenty in this release) creates another gem out of the new opus. In "Silver Wings", the band delivers yet another killer track; more hard rock with a killer hook and chorus line to die for! Excellent stuff! "Stand And Fight", "Fallen Heroes" and "Starfall" are three more great samples pure melodic power metal bliss.

If you are already a fan of this superb band, then grab your copy NOW! The same goes for those who love melodic epic-power metal with attitude, catchy, bombastic and with strong arrangements! 

Rating : 8,5/10

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