Saturday, February 4, 2017

REVIEW : TOKYO MOTOR FIST --Tokyo Motor Fist (2017)

Ted Poley (Danger Danger) and Steve Brown (guitarist of Trixter) or if you prefer Steve Brown and Ted Poley are two well-known musicians and very talented, that both with their main bands gained glory and fame back in the 80's. Also, both have a long-time friendship and the idea of to create a project has been in their minds for many years.

So, Frontiers Records achieved to make their dream a reality and nowadays they present a brand new project, Tokyo Motor Fist, that sounds the perfect combination of both Danger Danger and Trixter. The line-up completed by Greg Smith on bass and Chuck Burgi on drums.

What we have here is an 11-track album that will please both fans of the above mentioned bands but, also, every single fan of the melodic hard rock scene.

The up-tempo "Pickin' Up The Pieces" kicks-off things here impressively with the voice of Ted Poley in top form and a harmony that brings back the glory late 80's sound with style. Next, with "Love Me Insane" the boys deliver an edgier rocker, somewhere between Trixter and Danger Danger latest works, that must be played in maximum volume! The party is on fire with "Shameless" that includes an ultra-catchy chorus line enough to make you push the repeat button again and again!!!

"Love" is a track that is movin' to some modern rock paths but once again it is marvelous. Commercial as it gets with a Def Leppard vibe in it (especially the riff) and a heavenly melody in it, "Love" will make you love it at 'first sight'!!! "Black And Blue", "You Are My Revolution" and the heavier "Put Me To Shame" rock good while in "Don't Let Me Go" the guys deliver a huge power ballad that sounds like it jumped out from the late 80's!!! Yes it' that good!!

With "Done To Me", TMF unleash their big guns and at the end they create a killer heavy and melodic tune that includes some bad-ass riffs, powerful vocals and a rhythm section tight as hell!!

A 'blast from the past' album that will make you love it, that's for sure! Melodic hard rock bliss in an old-fashioned way from two very talented musicians that still got the spark inside them!!!

Rating : 9/10

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