Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Sons of Revolution is a new four-piece rock blues band that was formed in 2013, in Italy, and consists of Mario Alessiani (guitar), Paolo Ceritano (voice), Davide Coccagna (bass) and Romolo Di Gregorio (drums).

The idea was to create a band that it's based on the traditional blues with a strong 'touch' of modern rock sound in it. And that's true! Sons Of Revolution sounds very 'bluesy' and, also, very 70's!!!!

So, what we have here is a 9-track album that 'smells' traditional blues from miles away and along with the 'dirtier' guitar sound makes it a must have for every fan of this particular sound. The perfect sample of what I mentioned above is "I'm Falling". I really dig the dirty sound, and the big groove,  here but my only complain is the vocals. I have the impression that the vocals do not fit here. "Wasted Youth" is yet another strong sample of Sons Of Revolution music. Moody, bluesy and with some excellent guitars in it this track is damn good!! Other strong moments here are the 'dark' "No Way Out" (almost Grunge!!!!) and "Slide".

Sons Of Revolution with this debut album achieve to create an overall good sample of blues /modern-rock/alternative rock. The guys have some very good ideas, and that reflects in most of the songs, but my final judgement will be in the future with their next record. Good job!!!  

Rating : 7/10

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