Tuesday, January 31, 2017

REVIEW : JUPITER FALLS -- Faces In The Sand (2017)

I remember reviewing Jupiter Falls' album, "Revolution", a couple of years back and the thing that I still remember is that I was impressed by these U.K. rockers. It was a damn fine and solid record that included some killer tunes in it, very good performances and strong guitar lines. And as I said in my review : "solid record from a band that has the whole package to go further in this particular scene".

So, nowadays, Jupiter Falls returns to music business with a new record, "Faces In The Sand", that I was so anxious of listening to it. From the first notes of the opener tune of "Welcome To My World" I realized that Jupiter Falls is back and it's ready for bigger things. "Welcome To My World" is a 'big' hard rock track; and by saying 'big' I mean it! Strong arrangements, powerful vocals, a moodier feeling, heavy guitars and a chorus line to die for!!! Killer just killer!!

"Nothing To Me" is faster, 'punchier' with, again, an explosive chorus line enough to make you sing-a-long!! "Illusion" and "Sickened" are both very good modern rockers that both includes heavy guitars and strong performances. "Call Me" is yet another highlight from the new record. This is a more commercial, radio-friendly, tune with a loud and memorable chorus line. For sure, one my favorites here. "Follow Me" is another cool rocker while in "This Is A War We Cannot Win" (it was released as a single last year) the band delivers a strong and passionate modern hard rock gem!!! "See You On The Other Side" is simply breathtaking; moodier and 'darker' with a haunting melody in it, this song is just perfect for my ears!!

For some of reason I had high expectations from this band! After listening to "Faces In The Sand" all my expectations were fulfilled 'cause Jupiter Falls is back with a better and bigger record all the way! For sure, one of the biggest hopes from the U.K. modern hard rock scene that can't be missed by any fan of this scene. They have the songs, they have the right attitude and they put heart, soul an muscle in every moment here! Well done!!

Rating : 8,5/10

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