Sunday, January 8, 2017

REVIEW : RUXT -- Behind The Masquerade (2016)

RUXT is an Italian melodic metal/hard rock band that consists of some well-known musicians and their goal is to create solid and powerful music enough to rock your world for good!!! Matt Bernardi (Purplesnake) has a strong, rough and powerful vocal that impress with his performances in each track!

The guitar duo of Stefano Galleano and Andrea Raffaele delivers some heavy and in-your-face riffing but, also, some impressive and more melodic solos that makes each song a pleasant listening for every guitar freak out there. The rhythm section of Steve Nawamas on bass and Alessio Spallarossa on drums is solid.

The sound of RUXT moves, in perfect balance, between melodic metal and hard rock and recalls the sound of bands such as DIO, Whitesnake, Evergrey and Jorn.

The first highlight of "Behind The Masquerade" comes with "Scare My Demons"!!!! Damn, this is a song that grabbed me at once and left me hungry for more!!! It is a song that Jorn would love to include in any of his releases!!! Heavy, powerful with a big groove in it "Scare My Demons" is simply killer!!! "Spirit Road" is yet another superb slice of RUXT's music. More groove and this time with more melody "Spirit Road" is another gem out of this new album.

The first 'slower' moment comes with "Forever Be"!!! Yes, this is a sensational ballad that 'smells' earlier-Whitesnake, but ballsier!!! Excellent stuff!!! In "Lead Your Destiny", the guys deliver a great and fast-tempo rocker that makes you wanna turn the volume on 10!!! The Whitesnake-esque feeling can be met, also, in the beautiful "A New Tomorrow" while in "Between The lies" RUXT unleashes another melodic metal monster!!!

Great just great melodic metal/hard rock stuff with attitude!!! I'm really impressed by these guys here!!! "Behind The Masquerade" is probably one of the best records that I've heard since a long time from this scene!!! For the fans of bands such as DIO, Jorn and Whitesnake this is a MUST have!!! It is, also, a big must have for every melodic metal/hard rock fan out there.........

Rating : 9,5/10

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