Sunday, January 8, 2017

REVIEW : Age Of Reflection – In The Heat Of The Night (2017)

The Swedish melodic rock band of Age Of Reflection is not a newbie or something that came up in one night! It is the result for an over two decades process of this band to find the right moment to release its work. And finally the right moment is now for Age Of Reflection's debut record with the title "In The Heat Of The Night" to be released through AOR Heaven.

The album is also produced by AGE of REFLECTION but the mixing and mastering is done by Erik Mårtensson, Blowout Productions (Eclipse, WET a.o).

The sound is pure melodic rock/ edgy AOR heaven with attitude and includes a bunch of some serious and ass kickin' songs in it. The opening tune of "Borderline" is absolute great; edgy melodic rock with attitude that grabs you at once and leaves you hungry for more. "The Mirror Never Lies" is yet another killer tune out of this debut. Extremely melodic and with an W.E.T.-esque vibe in it this one is pure gold!!! "In The Heat Of The Night" slows things a bit here but once again delivers some excellent harmonies and a great melody that will make every melodic rock fan out there very proud!!!
"Always" is a good ballad while in "Blame It On My Heart" we have another strong moment. A more modern rocker that includes a heavier riffing and, again, a memorable chorus line. "You Are My Light" is typical and commercial Scandi-AOR and "Dying For Your Love" is yet another good sample of Age Of Reflections' music.

Catchy, 'edgy' and extremely melodic; this is exactly Age Of Reflection's music!!! "In The Heat Of The Night" is an impressive album that will be appreciated by any fan of the melodic rock/AOR sound!!!! 

Rating : 8,5/10

 Track listing: 1. Borderline, 2. The mirror never lies, 3. Every time, 4. In the heat of the night, 5. Always, 6. Evelyn, 7. Blame it on my heart, 8. Now and forever, 9. You are my light, 10. Dying for your love, 11. Every time (alternative version)

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