Monday, January 9, 2017

Latvian rock band "JANIS BUKUMS" presents new music video for song “She’s Lying” from album “Firerain” (“7HARD”, 2016).

"We signed with German music label "7HARD" and the next logical step in our cooperation was choosing a single to popularize our new album outside Latvia. The label suggested the song “She’s Lying” and we accepted” – Janis Bukums comments about the conception of the music video.

Elza Bukuma (music video director and producer) – about music video idea, creation, filming and
concept: "They are lying... playfully, manipulatively, sweetly un oh-so-innocently... They lie, because they cannot do otherwise and they lie, because they very well know how to!

The music video is an allegoric message about the age-long symbiosis between man and woman. The lyrical theme is played out in different contrasting stories, and the girls in the video portray the different faces of lies.

Music video features a lot of BDSM and fetish themes. It is worth mentioning that the music video was shot in an actual, active BDSM dungeon. During the filming our work was made more challenging and interesting, because while the girls were professionally tied up, they still tired quickly, and the time allowed for filming process was relatively short, especially if you’re hanging upside down!”

What else is in the plans for band "JANIS BUKUMS"?

"Currently we are playing gigs and writing new material. This year we will shoot two additional music videos, also we’re preparing to tour Europe to present the new album. We have several projects in collaboration with local and foreign musicians in the making and we are writing songs for the third album, planned for 2018."

New music video:
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The vocalist and founder of JANIS BUKUMS is the eponymous Janis Bukums, one of well-known artists of hard rock music in Latvia. An active rock music performer and producer, his songs are now Latvian rock classics. After a brief hiatus, in 2015 Janis Bukums released a new album “Alive and Different”, universally lauded by Latvian radio stations and music tops. In 2016 the band released its second album “FIRERAIN” via German music label “7HARD”, and received an award from the most popular Latvian radio station SWH, the “Radio SWH Annual Broadcast Award” in category “Comeback of the Year”.

Band JANIS BUKUMS: vocals - Janis Bukums, guitar - Arturs Racinskis, bass - Andrjus Januns, lead guitar - Arturs Liede, drums - Filips Batarags.
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