Sunday, January 22, 2017

REVIEW : PLAN THREE -- Wish I Was Stormborne (2017)

To be honest with you here, the band of Plan Three was completely unknown to me till' now that I've listened to the brand new record which is entitled "Wish I Was Stormborne". Plan Three states about this new opus : "The road here hasn't been straight nor without obstacles and that is why we are extra excited. Our fans have shown us loyalty, love and respect for almost a decade and the album will represent the same back to them. It is time, we are finally ready to release this album.”

The sound of Plan Three is modern and edgy rock in the vain of Daughtry and includes crunchy guitars, powerful vocals, memorable choruses and very nice melodies.

The first highlight comes with the very Daughtry-esque "The Other side". This is a great modern rocker with a superb melody, brilliant harmonies and a chorus line to sing-a-long!!! Excellent stuff!! The sentimental ballad of "Carl Sagan" grabbed my attention at once. The soulful vocal lines along with the haunting melody creates a so emotional song and perhaps one of the album's best tunes. "Photograph" is very good while in "Unveil The Unknown" we are dealing, again, with a killer song. Somewhere between Nickelback (later stuff) and Daughtry this tune fills your heart with beautiful emotions and make you push the repeat button again and again!!! In "Oblivion" Plan Three put more muscle in it and deliver a superb and edgier rocker and for sure one of my favorites here.

One of those albums that comes out of nowhere and achieves to leave you hungry for more!! Plan Three with this album leaves a promise that is capable for even bigger things in the near future!! 

Rating : 8/10

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