Saturday, January 7, 2017

REVIEW : Supernova Plasmajets -- s/t (2017)

Attitude, fun in-your-face rock 'n' roll and more attitude!!! This is what about the debut album of Supernova Plasmajets!!! This female-fronted heavy rock band has one mission and that is to create ballsy hard rock filled with big melodies, powerful performances and some punchy guitar riffs!!!

In some parts the music of Supernova Plasmajets reminded me of Adrenaline Rush's debut and that's a thing that I love the most 'cause I dig this kinda of music a lot!! These rockers mix in a solid way the hair metal sound of the late 80's with a modern hard rock approach, the necessary melodic rock pinches and the result is really great!!

The party is on with the opener tune of "Leave Forever"!!! A heavy riffing, a cool bass line, Jennifer Crush's smooth vocals and an explosive chorus line!!! Turn on the volume and enjoy this superb rocker!!! The "Supernova Team" speed up things a bit while with "Hold You Tight" the band delivers a brilliant mid-tempo melodic gem that includes a huge harmony and, of course, another catchy chorus line.

The galore of hooks, attitude and the 80's feeling continues with "Turn Off The Lights", "Will I Ever Know" and "Nothings Gonna Stop Me Now" while the punchy "Faster" is a killer modern hard rock anthem that is build for big arenas!!!

Yes, Supernova Plasmajets with this debut comes out of nowhere to deliver their well-played and full of attitude rock 'n' roll stuff and to show us that this band has the 'package' for bigger things in the near future!!! 

Rating : 8,3/10

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