Saturday, March 7, 2015

REVIEW : Spiraling Suns / Accidental Truths (2015)

Spiraling Suns is a rock band from Ann Arbor, Michigan formed in 2012. The name “Spiraling Suns” reflects a creative interest in the mythology of ultimate truth and the far-reaching effects of paradigm shift. We often assume the permanence of objects and concepts in a universe in which continual change appears to be the rule. If the Earth fell out of orbit during some unexpected cosmic event, the Sun might appear (in our remaining moments as tiny beings on a small solar satellite) to spiral from the Earth.

The band consists of Nick Petroff (guitar and vocals), Rob Avsharian (drums), and Adam Meindel (bass). Their sound can be described as Progressive Rock/ Hard Rock with some alternative pinches here and there and includes very good guitar parts, powerful vocals, a tight musicianship and some really good songs.

After the first spin of "Accidental Truths", I have to say that I like this album a lot. The opening tune of "One Less Thing" is a great song all the way. It includes a nice riff, very good arrangements and in some parts I had the feeling that I was listening to early Soundgarden (which is a band that I like) or even Pearl Jam. "The Skin That Sleeps" has a more straight forward heavy rock rhythm and again great guitar work. Other highlights here are the 'moodier' "Under My Sun" and the groovier "The Thing Is".

All in all this is a very interesting release all the way. Spiraling Suns achieve to create a solid rock album that includes a bunch of some cool tunes in it, an excellent musicianship and very good guitar work. Check it out!
Rating : 7,5/10

Track Listing :
1. One Less Thing
2. The Skin That Sleeps
3. Like Clouds
4. The Thing Is
5. Tomorrow Burns
6. Under My Sun
7. Silence Is Sweeter
8. In My Wake

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