Saturday, March 7, 2015

REVIEW : The Driftwood Sign / The Driftwood Sign (2015)

Sweden's melodic rock band The Driftwood Sign nowadays is releasing its brand new EP which is entitled "The Driftwood Sign". This EP features 4 brand new tracks but, also, a remake song of the band's 2014 hit "Disorder".

The sound here is typical Scandi- Melodic hard 'n' heavy with beautiful melodies, clever harmonies, melodic guitar lines, catchy choruses and solid performances. There are some 'alternative' touches in all over this EP but mainly The Driftwood Sign is a pure melodic hard rock band.

"Leech", the opener, starts slowly with an acoustic guitar and evolves into a melodic heavy rock anthem! In this track the alternative touches are more than obvious but that's no problem at all; this is a brilliant well-crafted song! "Even You" is more straight forward hard rock while in "Open Fields" we are dealing with a killer heavy track; heavier than the previous two with a late 80's metal vibe this one is the absolute highlight here!! "No Longer" is a very good one too with a catchy hook and chorus. "Disorder", that closes this EP is simply great; it has a power and a melody that leaves you hungry for more and it's the most impressive song of this EP.

Really impressed here by these Swedes! This is an extremely enjoyable and interesting mini album from start to finish! Great songs, a tight as hell musicianship, solid performances and excellent  guitar work!! I'll keep an eye on this band and I'm positive that in the near future we are going to see and hear bigger things from them!
Rating :9/10

Track Listing :Leech, Even You, Open Fields, No Longer, Disorder

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