Friday, March 6, 2015

REVIEW : DESERT / Never Regret (2015)

Desert is an Epic Power Metal band with a 'dark' vibe in it and "Never Regret" is its brand new album. Desert counts already 13 years and during all these years achieved to release 2 EP's and one full-length effort. Their debut "Star Of Delusive Hopes" mixed and mastered by Andy La Roque, the guitarist of the legendary King Diamond.

After that, they shared stage with many big names of the metal scene such as SABATON, DRACONIAN and GRAVE DIGGER to name a few and received an instant recognition both by fans and the metal press around the world.

In 2012, Desert started composing and recording material for a new record and finally the long awaited "Never Regret" is out.

After a short intro comes the real thing; "Assassin's Fate" hits you with its heavy melodic riffing and at the same its theatrical 'dark' vibe! Really impressive starter!! "Son Of Star" is 100% epic power metal stuff at its best! The arrangements, the guitars, the vocals and, of course, the 'battle' feeling are all perfectly balanced in this great track! "The Wolf's Attack" is yet another killer tune out of this new album. Powerful but with lots of melody and an intense chorus line to 'hunt' you for days! The guitar solo is brilliant! In the historical "1812", we find also Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear) who contributes his vocal duties in this really awesome metal song. Check out, also, the beautiful and 'different' tune of "Final Journey" (which is among my favorites here).

This is an extremely interesting release all the way! Beautiful, powerful and unique dark comes to surprise us nicely.
Rating :8,4/10

Track Listing :
1. Chasing the Prey
2. Assassin’s Fate
3. Son of a Star
4. The Wolf’s Attack
5. Never Regret
6. The Road to You
7. 1812
8. Flying Dutchman
9. Final Journey
10. Imperial Eagle
11. Invincible

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