Sunday, October 26, 2014

HIGHWAY DREAM / Wonderful Race (2014)

Highway Dream is a female Italian Hard Rock band that was originally formed in Cremona, Italy, back in 2008. Their first EP was released in 2009 and contained 4 songs plus a Scorpions cover ( "Rock You Like A Hurricane"). After that, the band started touring and playing live in their country and starting composing songs for a future release.

Nowadays, Highway Dream signed a record deal with Street Symphonies Records to publish their debut album “Wonderful Race”, that was recorded, mixed and mastered by Oscar Burato at Atomic Stuff Studios (Isorella, Brescia, Italy).

Their music is solid and combines perfectly the classic American hard scene with some AOR-ish pinches as well. The vocal lines of  Isabella "Isa" Gorni are powerful (and with attitude) but the most impressive thing here are the guitars of Roberto "Roby" Zoppi! Yes, this guy sure knows how to deliver an ass-kickin' solo and to take the whole song to a higher level.

This debut kicks-off with the classic hard rock tune of "Unbelievable". A really cool rocker that includes a solid harmony, a nice melody and a brilliant guitar solo. "Highway Dream" features a nice groove, Isa's raspy vocals and a pretty good chorus line. But again the guitar work by Roby is the highlight here!!! "Let Me Be Your Breath" is very interesting; a 'punchy'' mid-tempo rocker with a darker vibe but it lacks production. Yes, if the production was bigger, this track could havw been huge!!!! Btw, check out, also, "Born To Be A Rockstar"and "Same Stars".

I really don't know if Highway Dream gonna be RockStars in the near future; the only thing that I'm sure about is that these rockers have potentials, talent, a very good guitarist and dreams and I'll keep an eye on them.
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 7/10

Track Listing :
01. Unbelievable 4:14
02. Don't Let You Die 4:56
03. Highway Dream 3:35
04. Many Reasons 4:44
05. Let Me Be Your Breath 4:04
06. Wonderful Race 4:28
07. Like An Earthquake 3:54
08. Falling Down 5:28
09. Some Stars... 4:05
10. Born To Be A Rockstar 4:44


Isabella "Isa" Gorni - Lead Vocals
Roberto "Roby" Zoppi - Guitar
Gabriele "Gheghe" Frosi - Bass

Massimo "Max" Agliardi - Drums

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