Saturday, October 25, 2014

CRAZY LIXX - S/T (2014)

Wouldn't be great if Def Leppard could write a second "Hysteria", Motley Crue a new "Dr. FeelGood", Bon Jovi a second "Slippery When Wet"? Yes, that would be great, no doubt 'bout that! Crazy Lixx with "New Religion", back in 2010, offered a classic melodic hard rock, one of my personal favorite albums of the last decade, full of big and loud choruses, high-energetic tracks and a tight as hell musicianship.

That album was a really blast and put a wide smile upon the face of every melodic hard rock fan out there! These guys achieved to mix perfectly the glorious 80's sound and bands such as Danger Danger and Def Leppard, with an updated ass-kickin' 'touch' and the result was that already classic effort. After that, they released the rather average "Riot Avenue", in 2012.

Nowadays, the band is back full-force with the brand new self titled album and they achieve to release another "New Religion". Yes, this new release has nothing to be envy about the band's classic "New Religion". For me, it could be simply named "New Religion Number 2"!!!!! The big choruses are back, the razor and sharp guitars are also back and the powerful and full of attitude vocal lines are here to rock our world for good!

"Hell Raising Women", the first single, is simply an ass-kickin' big anthem build for big arenas! Loud as hell with a catchy as hell chorus line and a guitar work to die for! Take for example the melodic "Girl Of The 80's" or the ultra-catchy tune of "All Looks No Hooks" and you'll be hit by an 80's hair metal wave! Do you want more highlights? Well.....just listen to the totally and more 'speedy' "Ain't No Rest In Rock 'n' Roll" and the heavier "Call To Action" that both includes memorable hooks and choruses and solid arrangements. The band also has re-recorded the fan favorite "Heroes Are Forever" that appeared in Crazy Lixx's debut album.

All in all, this is a great album all the way! If you are a fan of the band's "New Religion", then this one is FOR YOU! It's, also, a big must have for every fan of the 80's, early 90's, Hair Metal era that likes his music big, loud and with attitude!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 9,5/10

Track Listing :
Hell Raising Women; Sound Of The Loud Minority; Outlaw; Girls Of The 80’s; I Missed The Mark; All Looks, No Hooks; Ain’t No Rest In Rock N’ Roll; Call To Action; Heroes Are Forever; Psycho City; Wrecking Ball Crew.


  1. Good review...looking forward to this album and have already pre-ordered.

    Loved New Religion...really didn't like Riot Avenue. New Religion was full of hooks, riffs, gang vocals...was just pure ear candy and fun to listen to. However, Riot Avenue didn't have those elements.

    Glad to know they've tried to go back to their big sound :)

    1. Yep, if you love their "Love Religion" album you love this one as well :-)

    2. Got this album and wow...I love it and can't stop playing it.

      It's just a fun, old-school, 80's sounding rock album that is just fun to crank and listen to. They definitely did go back to the approach they took on New Religion with a much bigger sound. I suspect the person below that didn't like New Religion may not like this album...But I think the majority of people out there will find this album to be an improvement over Riot Avenue. In fact, I've read probably 10 different reviews and all have been very favorable toward this album....and for good reason. Great job Crazy Lixx!

      Personally for me, it's my #2 album of 2014 behind H.e.a.t's Tearing Down The Walls...Which is pretty good considering H.e.a.t's album is probably my favorite album of at least the past 10-15 years.

  2. Their debut album Loud Minority was really good, but I didn't enjoy New Religion near as much. The songwriting was good, and I thought the guitarwork was even stronger, but the cheesy backing vocals totally destroyed the album for me. There was just too much of everything.

    I had totally lost hope in the band, and it took me weeks before I finally listened to Riot Avenue after its release. When I finally did, I found my album of the year. An album without any weak tracks, overall excellent songwriting and a production that was much more tasteful.

    Looking forward to the new release still, but I really hope it is not another New Religion.

  3. Hmmmm, yes I respect your opinion but let's make one thing clear; I didn't say that Riot Avenue was a bad was a bit average for my tastes. Btw, this new one rocks and that's the thing that counts the most.