Sunday, September 21, 2014

DION BAYMAN / Afterburn (2014)

Last year, I reviewed the artist's very good "Smoke & Mirrors" album that left me with a sweet taste. That was a fine piece of melodic rock/pop rock release with some really excellent tracks in it. Dion has a so warm and passionate voice that takes his whole work to a higher level. Nowadays, the artist is back with a brand new effort which is entitled "Afterburn".

In his new album, the winning formula continues and that means heart full performances, beautiful melodies and harmonies, catchy choruses and most of all well-written tracks. The production is once again solid and there is a slightly heavier approach regarding of the guitar sound.

Take for example the opening tune of "The Great Unknown" which is a melodic bliss; it has a great rhythm, amazing performances and a chorus to die for. "Bittersweet" is a candy in my ears. A modern melodic rock gem that makes you wanna listen it to again and again. A radio-friendly song that could easily be the next big hit!! Simply breathtaking. "I Remember" rocks while "You And I" is yet another highlight out of "Afterburn". A more commercial modern-rock tune with a feel-good vibe in it perfect for driving on the highway! Another winner here is the Bon Jovi-esque "You Might Think I Don't Want You(You're Wrong)".

I think there is not much to add here except that Dion Bayman's "Afterburn" is a fantastic modern melodic rock album that deserves your attention. An essential album for every fan of this genre. 
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 9/10

Track Listing :
01. The Great Unknown
02. Bittersweet
03. I Remember
04. You And I
05. Into My Arms
06. You Might Think I Don't Want You (You're Wrong)
07. Never Fade Away
08. Strong
09. Possession
10. Morning Light

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