Saturday, September 28, 2013


Big Guns is a new rock band that was born from the ashes of the highly regarded Twister. Renowned for their powerful live performances across Ireland and in many festivals, Big Guns are ready to introduce themselves with this new album which is entitled "Down But Not Out".

Founded by Kieran 'Twerp' McArdle (guitars and vocals) and Tony Drumm (bass) , the band later introduced Lisa Howe (drums) and Daniel 'Baldo' O'Toole (guitar) to complete Big Guns' line-up with a wealth of playing experience and a sound that proves it!

The album starts perfectly with the 'big' and in-your-face "Red Eyed & Rollin'" which is a blast from the past! The influences from the legends AC/DC along with some The Almighty pinches make this single tune the perfect appetizer of what's coming-up next!! Next, we have the more 'speedy' "The Devil's Highway" with the impressive guitar work while the "A Song For A Friend" brings back the 80's classic hard rock sound. "Remember Me" is the heaviest track so far and "Kiss & Tell" is the album's highlight!!! A track that the legendary Australian band, AC/DC, would die to record! Get ready to Rock 'N' Roll a bit with "Rocking In The Free World" while the next one, "Fall From Grace" is an overall good song. The beautiful instrumental tune of "Always And Forever" closes this album just like it started; perfectly!!

Really impressive album all the way!! Passionate, powerful, in-your-face with a 'dirty' rockin' sound that leaves you hungry for more! I'm really convinced that this band is aiming higher and for bigger things in the near future! Well done!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8,5/10

Track List : Red Eyed & Rollin', The Devil's Highway, A Song For A Friend, Remember Me, Kiss & Tell, Rocking In The Free World, Fall From Grace, Always And Forever

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