Saturday, September 28, 2013


****Swiss rockers Sideburn are back!!****

With three new members on board, Sideburn is back to the hard rock scene with the brand new essay which is entitled "Electrify".

In 2012, this so talentet band was a guest of the well-known Swiss sportswear company Adidas in a big event in Germany and played in front of thousands of people their songs and, also, for that special occasion they recorded a brand new song, "Rockstar".

After having their song "Knockin' at the wrong door" used in 2012 on the Red band trailer of the movie "Hit & run", the song "Six feet under" (taken from the album "Cherry red") has been chosen by 20th Century Fox to be used on the sound track of the blockbuster of the summer: "The Wolverine". The band stated about the new album: " We are quite happy with the new release , the new band members really did a great job and the result of all the above will be heard on Electrify".

The music of Sideburn is simple with powerful riffs and the necessary AC / DC pinches , an in-your-face attitude, smart and catchy chorus lines and generally has an old-fashioned air that makes the overall effect quite enjoyable from start to finish. The moments that stand out from the "Electrify" is the opening and quite in-your-face "Bite The Bullet", "Black Powder", the bluesier "Never Get Down", the cheesy "Shady Katy" and the catchy and one of my personal favorites from the new album "Bad Reputation".

All in all this is an extremely interesting release all the way which contains some really strong and catchy tunes, powerful performances with the right attitude, a tight musicianship, very good arrangements, a " dirty " sound and a big & 'fat' production!!!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8/10

Track List : 1. Bite the bullet, 2. Devil may care, 3. Bad boys, bad girls, rock'n'roll, 4. Black Powder, 5. Frontline, 6. Never get down, 7. Mr. Clean, 8. Shady Katy, 9. Travellin' man, 10. Bad reputation, 11. Destination nowhere Bonus Tracks (only available on the CD version): 12. Lazy Daisy Live, 13. Never kill the chicken Live, 14. Rockstar

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