Saturday, August 10, 2013


After their successful last output, "Dreamscape", in 2008, melodic power metal act TRAGEDIAN is ready to shake the international metal scene with the brand new opus which is entitled "Decimation".

The band consists of Val Shieldon on lead vocals, axeman Gabriel Palermo, Dany All on keyboards, plus the dynamic duo of Max Polon and Steve Vawamas of ATHLANTIS on the rhythm section. Their music is heavy with grandiose melodies and features some great riffs and solos, pounding drums, solid arrangements plus the unique and high-pitched vocals of Shieldon.

The short but epic intro of "Decimation" put us into the spirit of the new album till' the opening tune of "Escape" make its appearance! The extraordinary keys of Dany All are the trademark in this little gem! The 'short' riffs plus the more 'down to earth' performances of Val Shieldon make "Escape" the perfect appetizer of what's coming-up next!! Brilliant start!! "Forever" slowing the rhythms a bit while in "United" you will be attacked by an amazing in-your-face heavy guitar riffing  that takes no prisoners! "Destiny" has nice and memorable chorus line and "Inner Silence" includes a very nice melody with an inspired guitar work and Shieldon's emotional vocal lines. "As One" is just ok to come to "Crying In The Rain" which is the absolute highlight here!! This is more atmospheric/dark tune, with a melancholic vibe in it, that features once again a brilliant guitar work!!  "Shadows Of My Past", "Redemption" (bonus track) and the last one, "Reach For The Sky", are all very good tracks.

I have to admit that I have enjoyed every single minute of this album!! This is not just an ordinary melodic power metal band that chews over the same rhythms and ideas all over again! The orchestrations are solid and these guys know how to write a good song. The most impressive thing here, imho, is the amazing guitar work that takes TRAGEDIAN into a higher level!  
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8/10

Track List :
6.Inner Silence
7.As On
8.Crying In The Rain
9.Shadows Of My Past
10.Redemption  - Bonus Track -
11.Reach For The Sky

 Lineup :
Val Shieldon (ex ORACLE SUN, SIGMA) – Vocals
Gabriele Palermo (ex STORMWARRIOR) – Guitars
Max Polon – Drums

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