Monday, August 12, 2013

Norwegian hardrockers FAITH CIRCUS return with a new label, a new album & a new guitarist!

On signing with MelodicRock Records!

In this day and age where you can’t seem to swing a dead cat without hitting a record lable it’s real easy to jump in and make the wrong decision, and maybe get screwd over by someone out to make a quick buck!

We first came into contact with Andrew (McNeice) when our friends in On The Rise got signed to Frontiers Records in 2003, and have been talking with him, off and on for the past ten years.

Like so many, many others we appreciate and enjoy his great website on a daily basis and it’s easy to see that this guy loves what he does, and is a true fan of melodic/classic rock, and music: period!

You need to have a passion for what you do to be doing something like this for free all these years!

Therefore it felt totally natural when we first heard he was setting up a lable a few years back, and when we finally had finished our album and sorted out our personel issues contacting him first to see if he would be interested in getting behind the new FAITH CIRCUS release was a no-brainer.

Luckily he “got it” right away and invited us to join the MRR family!

We feel truly blessed and excited to have a guy in our corner we know always puts the artist first!

This gives us new “hope” and currage to keep on making music in a business that only seems to get harder and harder for any new up and coming, as well as the established bands!

It's been 5 long years since the release of their debut album on American label Kivel Records, and a lot has happened since then!

On the new guitarist!

Life in a rock `n roll band might be many different things, but one things for sure it’s never boring!!

In a lot of ways we feel it reflects life itself…

Since the inception of FAITH CIRCUS back in 2007, which seems a lifetime ago, the band has been through alot, breakups, personel changes, long periods in limbo, some really sweet highs and some psychological draining lows, etc, etc...

It’s never easy replacing a founding member of a band, but regardless of who’s leaving, with every new guy that comes in the dynamics are bound to shift one way, or the other. The trick is to stay positive, roll with the punches, and look at it as an opportunety to, maybe, grow and expand in a slightly different direction!

Marius Mörch is a very, very talented guy and a great, diverse guitarist, and he will, without a doubt, be successfull in whatever he chooses to do in the future. 
We thank him for his commitment and all the great work he’s done for FAITH CIRCUS these past 6 years and wish him nothing but the best! 

So, with that being said the remaining three of us are very honoured, excitied and proud now to welcome H.K. Rein into the band!

This cat is on fire!! 

We came across him on Youtube playing in a local Guns `n Roses coverband.
It turned out he had more to show for his talent than just playing covers, as he is a singer and songwriter as well!

Actually his first gig, before officially joining FAITH CIRCUS, were a KISS Expo in Stavanger (Norway) attended by Eric Singer & Tommy Thayer
Talk about being thrown in at the deep end… 

H.K. Rein: ”I've been soaking up so much rock'n'roll over the years and can no longer hold back! It’s very exciting to be able to express myself in an already established band at this level. I'm ready (and willing) to offer my body & soul to the Faith Circus.

The album, "Turn Up The Band", to be released September 23, via Australian MelodicRock Records (and Cargo Records (UK), ble som sin forgjenger innspillt og mikset i Tomtom Studio, in Bergen, by Thomas "Tomtom" Haugland.

On the new album!

Wow! What can we say?!

It’s been 5 long years since our first release (not counting the 2010 digital remixed debut album and the 2012 live digital EP “5.l.i.v.e.”) and a lot has happened!

Our first album was labeled AOR/melodic rock, and although this might have been a true description at the time FAITH CIRCUS has always been just an old fashion rock `n roll band!

This time around we have the opportunety to show a bit more of who we are as the album contains co-writes from almost every member in the band.

The decision was made to cut back on the mid tempo/slow songs as there are enough, great ones, to choose from on our debut.

We also managed to include some cool, special guests (read the booklet!), mostly for our own pleasure!

The album were, like last time, recorded at Tomtom Studio in our hometown of Bergen, by Thomas “Tomtom” Haugland.
The mixing process was a co-effort between Tomtom and the band, and finally mastering was left in the more than capable hands of Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69House Of LordsTesla, etc...)

Although the album has been ready to go for some time it still feels fresh everytime we put in on….and that has to be a good sign, right?!

We like to view the album as a hardhitting, loud, massive testament (inviting you to sing along!) to that rock `n roll is very much alive & kickin in 2013!

No gimmics here, no retro act…it’s like the fuckin 90’s never happened!

And if YOU want a piece of the action all you gotta do is…Turn Up The Band!!

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The story continues with FAITH CIRCUS Mk III...NEW album out September 23!!

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