Friday, August 9, 2013


TABERAH is not a newbie in the metal scene. This Australian act existed since 2006 and already has released tree demos, the one is a live one, which were included in the various cd 'Under The Axe, volume 4' compilation and, in 2011, it has released its first full-length effort with the title "The Light Of Which I Dream".

In early 2011, Taberah was picked by Lemmy himself to open for Motorhead in the Sydney leg on their 2011 tour. They have, also, shared the stage with other 'big' names of the world metal scene such as Tim 'Ripper' Owens, Paul Di' Anno and Steve Grimmett among others. So the band after all those years has gained experience and it's ready now to make its next step which is a new album with the title " Necromancer".

The music is simple with nice arrangements, blistering guitars, powerful drums and in-your-face performances! They achieve to mix perfect the classic heavy metal scene of the late 80's with a fresher air and finally to deliver a well-crafted record that will make happy every single fan of this particular scene. There are some really amazing moments in this release such as the heavy fast-paced "Dying Wish", the more hard rocking tune of "Burning In The Moonlight" which features an amazing guitar work and a catchy chorus line, "Warlord"and the huge and melodic mid-tempo "Don't Say You'll Love Me". There is, also, an interesting cover of Deep Purple's hit "Burn".

Bottom line is that TABERAH with this album achieved to gain my attention ! "Necromancer" it's powerful, it's heavy,it's wild, it has attitude and, most of all, these guys have talent and that reflects to their music!! I'm expecting bigger things from them in the near future! The fans of classic heavy metal sound should check them out!!! 
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8,5 /10

Track List :
01. 2012
02. Dying Wish
03. Burning In The Moonlight
04. Necromancer
05. Warlord
06. Don’t Say You’ll Love Me
07. For King And Country
08. One Goon Bag Later
09. The Hammer Of Hades
10. My Dear Lord

Bonus Track:
11. Burn

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