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Reuben Archer is no one else than the vocalist of the legendary hard rock band STAMPEDE. He was, also, the former vocalist of Wild Hearts, Lionheart and Lautrec. 'Personal Sin' is the artist's brand new effort that are featuring guest appearances from members of MAGNUM, WHITESNAKE, Y & T, SAXON and many more.

The album includes 13 brand new tracks produced by Reuben and Rob Wolverson and mastered by Ade Emsley who is well-known from his works with Iron Maiden. Some of the names that gave their helping hand to Reuben are Harry James (Thunder), Dave Meniketti (Y&T), Luke Morley (Thunder) and Paul Quinn of Saxon among others. Reuben Archer stated about this new release : "I wanted a big melodic sound, and around the time of my 70th celebrations last year I though that there was no time like the present to make it happen.....".

The album starts in a such dynamic way with the 'punchy' "Bulletproof". Archer sings his heart out in this melodic hard rock gem. This features a classic hard rock sound with a big in-your-face hook and chorus, a huge guitar riff and Archer's stunning performances! "Play My Rock 'n Roll" has a groovier vibe while "Personal Sin" is another excellent sample of pure and classic hard rock stuff!! It's time for a 'jazzier' mood with the excellent tune of "Lately". To be honest, this song gained my attention from the very first start and made me push the repeat button several times. "Time On My Hands" shows the bluesier side of the artist and with "Desperation Train" the 70's influences are obvious. "TV Junkie" is a harder edged rocker with an up-tempo rhythm and it's among my favorite from this release. "Ace Cafe" features a nice riff while in "Spanish Nights" we have another one 70's-80's influenced mid-tempo rocker with a very nice chorus line. In "Reuben's Blues", the blues are here once more in this 'bad' attitude blues hard rock track! Excellent stuff!!! "Shakin' All Over" and  "Like A Clown" are both good songs and last but not least we have the anthem tune of "Sooner Of Later" that features  a great guitar solo.

This is a solid album all the way!! Reuben Archer achieved to 'build' a strong record full of very good arrangements, catchy choruses and a powerful sound! His performances are top notch and the impressive guest list is giving' the extra flavor to the final result! An album that mixes perfect the past, the present and the future of this music that we all love!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 9/10

Track List : 
1.   Bulletproof
2.   Play My Rock 'n' Roll (ft. Rocky Newton)
3.   Personal Sin (ft. Dave Meniketti, Harry James & John ‘Rhino’ Edwards)
4.   Lately (ft. Harry James & Kevin Riddles)
5.   Time On My Hands (ft. Derek Holt & Steve Holbrook)
6.   Desperation Train (ft. Luke Morley, Derek Holt & Steve Holbrook)
7.   TV Junkie
8.   Ace CafĂ© (ft. Paul Quinn, Harry James, John ‘Rhino Edwards’, Steve Holbrook)
9.   Spanish Nights (ft. Steve Holbrook)
10. Reuben's Blues (ft. Paul Quinn, Neil Murray, Paul Raymond)
11. Shakin' All Over
12. Like A Clown
13. Sooner Or Later

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