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IBRIDOMA is an Italian heavy band that was originally formed in 2001 by Alessandro Morroni(drums). Soon the band took flesh and blood with the addition of singer Christian Bartolacci,Simone Mogetta (guitars), Pietro Alessandrini (rhythm guitars) and Lorenzo Petrini on bass.

The band's first big success was the first prize at the "Rock Around The Road" festival in 2004. After that, Ibridoma have started to work on their own material and, finally, in 2005 they released their debut EP with the title "Lady Of Darkness". This album received some solid reviews in the net and Ibridoma's future was looking bright! In 2007, guitarist Marco Vitali came on board and "Page 26", their second album, was a fact. The band participated in many live gigs and toured with big names such as Uli Jon Roth, Richie Kotzen and Blaze Bayley among others.

"Night Club" is the band's last album, in 2012, and it's a nice piece of old school metal stuff with very good arrangements, hooks and choruses and bottom line is that this band has plenty of talent and that 's a thing that reflect to their music. Marco Vitali talked to Heavy Paradise about the band's past, present and future....enjoy!!!!

Heavy Paradise : Hello, and welcome to Heavy Paradise for this interview.

Marco : Hi, thank you for the interview, i' m very pleased to be here.

Heavy Paradise : Firstly and before starting this interview, can you tell us some things about yourself and a short bio of who is‘Ibridoma’ ?

Marco : Our band was formed in 2001 by our drummer Alessandro "THE BOSS"  Morroni who wanted to make some kind of new heavy metal. After a couple of years, we released our first EP "Lady of darkness", then the lead guitarist left the band and i joined them and with this formation we produced "Page 26", after other line-up changes we released two full-lenght albums, "Ibridoma" and "Night Club". During this years we played with many artist like Manowar and Virgin
Steele in Magic Circle Fest, and Rhapsody of Fire in their european tour in 2012.

Heavy Paradise : Your last album “Night Club” was a really solid one ,congratulations. In my ears it sounds very 80’s metal stuff. How can you describe your sound, Marco?

Marco : With Night Club, we've tried to make an album more professional than Ibridoma, so we called Michael Baskette, known for his collaboration with Alter Bridge, and he did a great job. In songwriting the formation's changes have influenced a lot, aslo because we listen and play many kind of music, and it can be heard in our songs. We are very proud of our album.

Heavy Paradise : The songwriting in  is it a team work result or is it just a one man’s job?

Marco : Our songs are the product of all of us, we usually write them together because this allow us a better composition.

Heavy Paradise : Which are yours and the band’s main influences ?

Marco : As i said, we come from different genres, but our main influences are Iron Miaden, Bon Jovi, Scorpions and Savatage.

Heavy Paradise : You have supported some really ‘big’ names in your live performances such as  and  among others. How do you feel when you play with such ‘famous’ names? Do you think that you gained any experiences?

Marco : We are very excited when we play with band like Rhapsody of fire or Manowar, they are gods for us so we give the best we can. Surely to  work with them let us gain a lot of experiance.

Heavy Paradise : You are hailing from Italy. Over the last years Italy surprised us with many great records either from hard rock, melodic rock AOR, symphonic metal, power metal or just heavy metal! How do you see the music situation in your country?

Marco : In Italy our kind of music is not very appreciated from media and common people that see us like monsters, for underground band is very difficult to emerge,also because there is a lot of rivalry among them, so is not easy to see them supporting each others.

Heavy Paradise : With the general financial crisis, how difficult is for someone to be a musician nowadays, Marco? Do you make a living with music or you have an ordinary day job?

Marco : It's difficult! I work as teacher in some guitar school, I play in a lot of bands and I work in the SG Records. In Italy to do only a musical activity is impossible.

Heavy Paradise : So, what are Ibridoma’s future plans? Are you working on a new record?

Marco : Yes, we are recording a new album, it will be produced by Michael Baskette and it will be released in early 2014 meanwhile we' re planning some dates in Europe for this autumn.

Heavy Paradise : Closing, I have to thank you for this interview and to wish you all the best for your future plans.

Marco : I thank you for the space you give us and i invite readers to join us on our Facebook page and on our site.

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