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The Band got started in Trieste (Italy) in 1985, playing classics of rock 70/80 in many different clubs and musical contests. Originally, the band was formed by Dario “Jimi” Fernetti at guitar, Cristiano “Teo” Curri also at guitar, Giorgio “Yure” Gruden at bass, Fabio “Biofa” Paolino at drums, Fabrizio Ficcaroli, and then Andrea Scala, as the vocalist.

The definitive line-up arrived in 1987 with Sandro Zarotti (ex-UPSET NOISE) and Ricky Zarba,  vocalist and guitarist respectively. With this formation KEEN EYED registered, between 1988 and 1989, the demos “METAL RAIN” and “THE WHIP”.  KEEN EYED break-up in 1991, even if Biofa and Teo form in 1998 a new band under the “TEORICA” name, a very interesting rock/prog band, that will have an intensive live activity.

Nowadays, the band is ready to unleash its brand new effort which is titled "Reflection". "Reflection" was recorded and mixed by FULVIO ZAFRET - URBAN RECORDING Studio (TRIESTE - ITALY) between July - August 2012 and mastered by UE NASTASI - STERLING SOUND - NEW YORK.

After the atmospheric intro of "The Dream Pt 1" comes the opening tune of "She's The Devil". This is an overall good track but the rather average production and the weak, in some parts, vocals ruin the final result. "The Age Of Reason" is a good rocker but it lacks of a good chorus line. The guitar parts here are very good and the solo is simply excellent!!! After the two average first tracks, it comes the "Fishing Dreams". It contains a great feel-good vibe in it, a great guitar riff and a very good melody. "(You Make Me Feel) I belong To You" is a nice ballad while the next one, "Labyrinth" sounds uninspired and kinda of boring to my ears. "Lovely Hell", "Problems Behind", "Hold Me Tonight" and "A Love Token In The Dark" all have their moments without making an impression. The album closes with the second part of "The Dream Pt 2".

Bottom line is that I'm not impressed. In my humble opinion, KEEN EYED need better songs and more attitude to get them to a higher level!! The few good moments don't save the final result.
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 5/10

Track List :
01. Dream PT 1 (1:27)
02. She’s the devil (feat. Alex Zarotti) (4:06)
03. The age of reason (5:28)
04. Fishing dreams (5:04)
05. You make me feel, I belong to you (7:27)
06. Labyrinth (5:47)
07. Lovely hell (7:51)
08. Problems behind (3:24)
09. Scent of feelings (5:45)
10. Hold me tonight (4:08)
11. A love token in the dark (4:40)
12. Dream PT 2 (3:12)

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