Saturday, July 13, 2013


With the latest effort, "Poison In Black", Hollow Haze delivered a superb piece of pure melodic power metal stuff full of powerful arrangements, great guitar work, solid performances and some really amazing tracks. Nowadays, the band is back with its newest release which is entitled "Countdown To Revenge".

 After the release of "Poison In Black", they have toured with renowned acts such as Tarja, Accept and Dragonforce. The new album welcomes the well-known singer Fabio Lione (Rhapsody Of Fire, Kamelot) as the new member of Hollow Haze. "Countdown To Revenge", also, features collaborations with Antarktica and Wintermoon Orchestra, making it grandiose and epic as never before. Rick Altzi (Masterplan, At Vance) appears as a very special guest on the song "Still Alive".

After a short intro, "Room 212", the album kicks off with the impressive "Watching In Shadows". This is a heavy delight that features a great guitar riff, powerful performances by Lione and a huge old-fashioned chorus line. "Still Alive" has plenty of attitude, a more 'speedy' sound and is featuring the 'mighty' Rick Altzi as a guest. Another great sample of Hollow Haze's music!! "No Rest For The Angels" includes the epic element more obvious than the two previous tunes while in "Life Has No Meaning" we deal with a darker and powerful song. "We Must Believe" and "The Answer" are solid tracks with all the above mentioned elements in front row. "Il Tempo Del Fuoco" is just brilliant! It's melodic, fast-paced, it has a great guitar work, an 80's vibe in it and it's the absolute highlight from this new record!! The last couple of tracks are very good two. Finally, the album closes with the outro tune of "The Gate To Nowhere".

All in all, this is another solid album by Hollow Haze! I really enjoyed their last album a lot and it was among my Top 20 best-of albums of 2012. With their new effort, Hollow Haze, except of the new singer, they have updated a bit their sound and they are offering us another great piece of pure melodic power metal stuff. Highly recommended!
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8/10

Track List : 1. Room 2122. Watching in Silence3. Still Alive4. No Rest for the Angels5. Life Has No Meaning6. We Must Believe7. The Answer8. Il Tempo del Fuoco9. A Fading Angel's Life10. Countdown to Revenge11. The Gate to Nowhere ... 

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