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Achillea is an international all-star act that was originally formed by guitarist/composer Paul Jupe and drummer Garry King. During the late 2011, they started working on some new material that they felt that it would gain interest from an international audience, so they started to write and compose a number of songs for a future release.

So both musicians started to complete the missing pieces of the puzzle which were the rest members of the band and to release their first album which is "Fight Or Fall". So the rest of the band consists of Betovani Dinelli, Fab Jablonski, Gus Magalhaes, backing vocalist Paula Melf (2012 only) and vocalist Humberto "H" Sobrinho. All of the album tracks were recorded and produced in studios in France, Greece, UK and Brazil.

The album starts with the epic and old-fashioned heavy tune of "Fight Or Fall". Nice riff, very good melody and very good performances in this cool opener. "Imprisoned" features a more down-to-earth rhythm, a catchy melody and the fact is that I caught myself pushing the repeat button several times. "The Wish" is movin' to some darker paths with a melancholic vibe in it and some 'modern' elements as well but the final result is just brilliant!!! "Wild Flower" is a very interesting track 'cause its variety of tempos and of course the amazing guitar solo!! "Bring Me Down To Earth", "Torn Wide Open", "Stronger" and "Wish You Well" are all very good tracks with solid arrangements, very good performances and very good guitar work. "Darker Side" shows, once again, the modern side of the band and it's one of the album's highlights.

Really impressive debut album! A tight musicianship, some really impressive songwriting, powerful-aggressive and at the same time emotional performances, nice melodies and a great guitar work are the ingredients of Achillea's debut album. The mix of many heavy elements along with some modern heavy pinches is giving the extra flavor to the album's final result. Don't miss this one!!! 
Heavy Paradise's Rating : 8/10

Track List :
1. Fight or Fall 4:11
2. Imprisoned 4:03
3. The Wish 6:03
4. Wild Flower 5:43
5. Bring Me Down to Earth 5:33
6. Darker Side of Me 5:29
7. Re Incarnation 6:16
8. Torn 4:37
9. Stronger 4:01
10. Wish You Well 3:50
11. Contemplation 2:57

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