Saturday, October 9, 2010

Gotthard / Domino Effect (2007)

Two years after the huge 'Lipservice' album, Gotthard is back with album #9 with the title 'Domino Effect'.

I can say that 'Domino Effect' is a kinda of 'Lipservice' #2 with an updated sound! The Swiss rockers  continues with some really catchy "in-your face" tunes, a big 'fat' sound in guitars and very good performances! In this one the sure thing is that you will find some excellent heavy rockers like the great opener 'Master Of Illusion', the fantastic and ultra catchy ' The Oscar Goes To', 'Come Alive' which sounds like a leftover from 'Lipservice' and 'Falling'. Maybe in their previous album there were a few more catchier tunes and bigger hooks but 'Domino Effect' comes at you with some 'bigger' attitude!

All in all this is another one high quality release from a great band!

HeavyParadise's Rating: 8/10

1. Master Of Illusion 4:03 2. Gone Too Far 4:00 3. Domino Effect 3:49 4. Falling 3:41 5. The Call 4:02 6. The Oscar Goes... 4:26 7. The Cruiser (Judgement Day) 4:30 8. Heal Me 3:49 9. Letter To A Friend 3:58 10. Tomorrow's Just Begun 4:03 11. Come Alive 2:54 12. Bad To The Bone 3:45 13. Now 4:17 14. Where Is Love When It's Gone 4:10 15. Can't Be The Real Thing Ltd. Ed. Bonus Track 3:40

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