Monday, March 18, 2013


As I was surfing along the pages of YouTube I 'crushed' upon a superb slice of pure AOR stuff with the title "In A Blink Of An Eye". The band's name is CRUSH but no further info about 'who is who' yet!!(????). I tried and reached the band's bass player and I asked him to do an interview about the band and its forthcoming release. Unfortunately, I didn't 'discover' their names but I found out many interesting things about are you ready to get crushed ?????

Heavy Paradise : Hi there and welcome to Heavy Paradise for this interview!

Bass player: Hello, thanks for havin' us.

Heavy Paradise : Firstly, can you tell our readers some things about Crush? When did this band was formed and by whom does it consists of?

Bass player: Crush started of as a project among friends in 2012. All members hail from the same region of Sweden and we share the love for melodic rock and AOR. In 2012 all of us played in various other bands (some still active) which is why Crush started as a side project. Since then we've been working a lot with our sound and material, we've got a lot of stuff coming up. The band consists of 3 swedish rockers, for the time our identities are kept a secret as we want the audience to focus on the songs and not on who we are. Plus, its kinda funny with all speculations hehe.

Heavy Paradise : Recently, I was surfing through YouTube pages and discovered by chance your track, “In A Blink Of An Eye”. Brilliant!!!! The decision to upload a track from your up-coming debut and not any further info is it a kinda of teaser of what to expect from you guys in the near future and see the reaction of the melodic fans?

Bass player: Thanks for the kind words regarding "Blink", we like it too! As I mentioned above, it's absolutely one of our intentions, to let the fans focus on the song material, with us members being secret. Hopefully this might build some hype as well. Somewhere along the road, Crush will enter the surface and reveal our faces.

Heavy Paradise : Are you satisfied so far by the reactions of the melodic rock-AOR fans?

Bass player: Hell yeah, we've got a lot of great reviews so far. "Blink" is approachin 1500 views on YouTube since thursday night and that's just awesome. Still, we've got even better stuff coming so just you wait.

Heavy Paradise : Which are your major influences?

Bass player: Kinda depends on whom you're asking in the band, but there are some bands that we all like. To mention a few:
Def Leppard
Bon Jovi
Bryan Adams

Heavy Paradise : So, did you finished the recordings of the rest of the songs or you are still in the writing process?

Bass player: No more songs 100% completed. A lot soon to be completed though. Our plan is to keep on releasing song every now and then instead of releasing a 12 track cd all in one.

Heavy Paradise : I know that it’s a bit early to ask but are you planning for some live performances in the near future?

Bass player: Absolutely, all of us love being on stage, that's where we belong.

Heavy Paradise : Did you find a record company to release your album?

Bass player: Haven't searched for any. Got any ideas....? Hehe

Heavy Paradise : How can you describe your sound? In my ears it sounds pure 80’s keyboard driven AOR stuff. Are there going to be some harder edged tunes?

Bass player: Keyboard is and will be a major part of us. We've also got an awesome lead guitarist though (as you can hear in the "Blink" solo) and some tracks will be more guitar based (harder). The upcoming song "Stay" is a bit more uptempo, still very melodic.

Heavy Paradise : Will your debut features some famous guests?

Bass player: Who knows, "In a blink of an eye" features guests, can't reveal which at the time though, hehe. If the time and place and the name of the guest fit us at the moment we'd be glad to collaborate.

Heavy Paradise : Thanx a lot for sharing these things with Heavy Paradise!!! All the best for your future plans!!!

Bass player: Again, thank YOU for your interest. And keep your eyes opened for your next Crush!

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