Sunday, July 3, 2022


"Force Majeure" is entitled the brand new opus by these incredible Swedes!! Yes, H.E.A.T. is back with a new record which is going to be released through ear Music this August!!! 

Original singer Kenny Leckremo is back on board and that's a thing that gives more interest to the final result. The first three singles that came out earlier this year are all three some great samples of what's to expect from "Force Majeure"!! "BackTo The Rhythm" is an ass-kickin', a fist-on-the-air rocker with a larger than life chorus line in it!!!  "Nationwide" is faster, heavier and edgier with, again, a mindblowing chorus while "Hollywood", the latest one, is a classic H.E.A.T. tune, period!! 

"Tainted Blood" rocks in some more U.S. Hair Metal style while "Harder To Breathe" is yet another 'typical' Leckremo era song. A track that Kenny shows his amazing vocal skills. The 'punchier' "Not For Sale" reminds 80's Scandi melodic hard rock and bands such as Europe and TREAT while the power balld of "One Of Us" is just great!!!  "Hold Your Fire", "Paramount" and the heavy (one of the heaviest tunes that H.E.A.T. ever wrote....) "Demon Eyes" are pure delight!!! The album closes with yet another 'classic' H.E.A.T track; "Wings Of An Aeroplane"! 

Bottom line is that H.E.A.T. strikes back with yet another inspired, ass-kickin' and in-your-face album that stands proudly next to every previous release of this incredible band. "Force Majeure" is a great record, well done!!! 

Songwritting : 10
Production : 10
Songs : 10
Musicianship : 10

Overall Rating : 10 / 10 

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