Sunday, May 20, 2018

REVIEW : TNT --- XIII (Frontiers Music s.r.l., June 2018)

The truth is that the band of TNT has, and will always have, a special place in my heart. It is one of those bands that I grew up with. Their songs will always be a part of my life. Who can forget tunes such as "Intuition", "10.000 Lovers In One", "Listen To Your Heart", "Downhill Racer" and many more? Albums such as "Tell No Tales", "Intuition" and "Knights Of The New Thunder" are gems, period!
The guitar playing and style of Ronnie Le Tekro is unique, Tony Harnell's vocals are unique, the rhythm section is tight as hell, the melodies are unique and their music timeless!! No doubt 'bout that. The problems between their members and the replacements of the lead singers were quite a few over the band's career. Tony Harnell out and Tony Mills (ex-SHY) in. Three albums with Mr. Mills were not what the long die-hard wanted. The news about Harnell's back on board filled with happiness all the TNT fans but once again didn't last too long.

Nowadays, these Norwegian melodic hard rockers are back in business with a new singer on board and with a brand new opus on their sleeves to testify that the band is still alive! The new singer is Baol Bardot Bulsara that must be stand in Harnell's shoes and to prove that the decision of Le Tekro to chose him was right. 

The first sample of the 'new' TNT comes with "We're Gonna Make It". The music and in some parts the vocals brings back the good old TNT, no doubt bout that. Overall a nice first sample of the new album. "Not Feeling Anything" includes this well-known guitar riff by Le Tekro but the final result is average. In "Fair Warning" TNT is trying hard to sound like in "Downhill Racer" but the only thing that they achieve is to create another average track. With the modern and groovier "It's Electric" and with the mid-tempo "Where You Belong" things are gettig a bit better (not much but at least a bit). One of the best moments of the new album, so far, comes with "Can't Breath Anymore". A really nice and very melodic tune with some strong pinches of the band's earlier works. 

In "Get Ready For Some Hard Rock" TNT is trying to sound like Def Leppard in "Pour Some Sugar On Me" but the final result is again very flat!!!!! "People Come Together" is good while the melodic "Tears In My Eyes" sounds brilliant. From the rest three songs of "XIII" the only one that I like is the last one with the title "Sunshine" which contains a very nice melody. 

I truly consider myself as a TNT die-hard!! I own each and every single record, E.P., live e.t.c of this legendary band. In my humble opinion, "XIII" is a rather 'good' record for this band's standards!!! Le Tekro was and still remains among the elite of the guitarists out there. I also think that with or without Tony Harnell life goes on. TNT can deliver much better than this. But hey, this is only my humble opinion. My last advice is that you should give it a spin and judge by yourself. 

Rating : 5,5/10 

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