Sunday, May 20, 2018

REVIEW : Dare --- Out Of The Silence II (Legend Records, 2018)

Dare's debut album "Out Of The Silence", in 1988, was and still remains one of the classics of this scene. Nowadays, Dare celebrate their 30th Anniversary with a Special Edition, re-release of this classic gem. Out Of The Silence II has been completely re-recorded and in Wharton’s own words “has taken on a new life”.
From the very first spin of "Out Of The Silence II", I realized that this new 'baby' rocks big time. The sound is edgier, rockier and I totally agree with Wharton's words that 'has taken on a new life'.

"Abandon" and "Into The Fire" are two songs that from the entire Dare's catalog I love the most. Both tracks are the perfect example of pure melodic rock heaven.The new version of both tracks is edgier and with more attitude. Love'em both!!! "Nothing Is Stronger Than Love" was and still remains one of my favorite power melodic ballads. The arrangements, the vocals, the choirs and the melody all are in perfect balance here.  

The commercial "Runaway" with its sweet harmony and its huge chorus line, the emotional "Under The Sun" and "Raindance" are all three in one word CLASSICS!!!!! I think that each and every single fan of the melodic rock scene in general should check out these tunes. "King Of Spades" is a song that represents the sound of Dare in a glorious way. It is a song that forecasts the band's future sound. "Heartbreaker" is again another highlight; edgier with a big chorus line and a more up-tempo sound this one is melodic bliss. The last two songs, "Return The Heart" & "Don't Let Go", are both excellent.   

I think that words are not enough to describe Dare's classic debut album "Out Of The Silence". This time Darren Wharton & co. re-recorded this classic opus without loosing the magic of the past on the contrary they put heart, soul and experience and released another killer album that will put a big smile upon the face of every Dare's die hard fan.    

Rating : 10/10

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