Saturday, July 25, 2020

FROZEN TEARS, A 'sneak' preview of the band's forthcoming album ***exclusive*** at Heavy Paradise!

Three years ago I had the privilige to discover a really great band. The Australian melodic rock band of Frozen Tears and its amazingly good opus entitled "Silence Of The Night".

The debut CD was produced by Jon Powers (Guitars/Keys) and Thanos Akritidis (Lead vocals). The other members on the CD were Andy Parsons (Bass) & Bernie Goldstein (Drums).

As I said in my review( ) back then : "All in all, this is an excellent album all the way. It captures all the magic of the golden days of the 80's melodic rock scene in such a positive way that makes this record a must have for every AOR/Melodic Rock fan out there. "

The sound of Frozen Tears brings back memories from bands such as Giant, Alias, Journey, Whitesnake and Signal just to name a few.

Nowadays, the masterminds of Frozen Tears, Jon Power & Thanos Akritidis, works hard ro bring on the band's new opus and the sure thing is that will make some noise around the melodic rock/edgy AOR world fans. I have the big honor to present you just a small taste of four of the new songs that will be included in Frozen Tears's brand new opus.

"Set Me Free" is a big groovy, hard rockin' and with a bad attitude tune that includes a mid 80's Whitesnake vibe in it, nice guitars and, as I said, a big groove!! With "Brazen Whisper" the band takes things to a higher level; edgier, ballsy and with a killer guitar riff in it this track is simply breathtaking! A track that reminded me a bit of early Tyketto, Winger and Xyz. The AOR-ish gem of "Love Can Be Real" is pure melodic rock bliss while in the ballad of "Can't Stop" the Whitesnake fans will probably feel in love with.

So. stay tuned with Frozen Tears ( ) and Heavy Paradise 'cause big things are coming up in the near future!!

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