Sunday, July 26, 2020

REVIEW : LIONVILLE, Magic Is Alive (Frontiers Music s.r.l. Release: 7 August 2020)

LIONVILLE is considered one of the leaders among the melodic rock community. With already three superb albums on their sleeves, Lionville strikes back again to deliver yet another masterpiece and the sure thing is that will be a classic in the near future. 

The new opus entitled "Magic Is Alive" takes things were the band's latest effort, "World Of Fools", left us. Pure melodic rock/edgy AOR stuff that features heavenly influenced melodies, memorable choruses and, of course, Lars Safsund's passionate vocal lines. 

The first couple of songs, "Nothing Without You" and "You're Not Alone", are both classic Lionville tunes and that means that both include every little thing that an ordinary AOR fan could ask for; and what's that? melodies...melodies...and melodies to die for!! With "Runaway" the band brings back yet another killer tune; more up-tempo with a feel-good vibe in it "Runaway" sounds the perfect soundtrack for your hot summer days. 

The softer "Finally You're With Me" is a nice slow tune while in "Every Little Thing Leads Back To You" and "I'll Never Give My Heart Away" we have two of the best moments out of the new opus. Both include great arrangements, fantastic harmonic lines, soulful vocals, clever hooks and both are among my personal favourites. The absolute AOR hymn of "If You Don't Know Me" (reminds a lot Work Of Art's works...) is pure magic and "Magic Is Alive" will attract many of the classic TOTO fans. 

Lionville with their new opus continue to deliver solid, soulful, up-tempo and classic melodic rock/AOR stuff, period! Their new album is an hymn to the classic AOR scene and an album that in the near future will be considered as classic!! Top class stuff!

Songwritting : 10
Production : 9
Musicianship : 10
Songs : 10 

Overall Rating : 9,75

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