Saturday, October 6, 2018

REVIEW : Black Paisley --- “Perennials” (2018)

Black Paisley is a band that is hailing from Sweden and with its solid debut record "Late Bloomer" back in 2017 left me hungry for more. The album was released on their own label and later distributed by German Pride & Joy globally. The debut gained positive reviews from the music critics, on-line magazines and blogs worldwide. The intro song "Run Run Run" was also published on Spotify’s editorial playlist in 2018. 

Nowadays, the band is back with its brand new opus with the title "Perennials". Black Paisley's music can be described as melodic rock/country melodic or if you prefer just solid rock stuff with strong emphasis on beautiful melodies, catchy choruses and strong harmonies. 

The opening tune of "I Want Your Soul" is just brilliant edgy melodic rock stuff at its best. It includes an edgy riffing, powerful vocals and great arrangements enough to make you turn the volume on 10!!! The chorus line is just perfect!!! The next couple of tacks, "Day By Day" and "Sometimes", are pure gold. Slower and with some excellent and beautiful melodies in them, these two songs are simply fantastic. Next, "Mother" is edgier, groovier and with some strong bluesier 'touches' in it this one is yet another highlight out of "Perennials". 

"Miss Me" is a nice feel-good rocker (this could be a big radio hit) while in "Step Back" the boys deliver a cool rock song that is influenced by the late 70's, early 80's, classic rock scene. I just love this one!! One of the best tunes here is without any doubt the up-tempo and ultra catchy "Alone"! A song that will make you whistle it for days. The hook, the chorus line and the melody here is pure heaven. 

After the solid debut "Late Bloomer" Black Paisley strikes back with yet another strong opus. "Perennials" is a step forward regarding their debut that will put this band among the elite of this scene. Well done!

Rating : 9/10

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