Thursday, October 4, 2018

REVIEW : Care of Night --- Love Equals War (AOR Heaven, 2018)

Back in 2015, Care Of Night released its debut record that impressed me a lot! "Connected" was, and still remains, an overall great debut that made a huge impact among the fans of the melodic rock/AOR sound. Beautiful melodies, edgy guitars, well-crafted songs and an overall mid 80's vibe were the ingredients of this superb release.

Nowadays, Care Of Night returns with its second step which is entitled "Love Equals War" through AOR Heaven. The band welcomes also its brand new member, guitarist Viktor Öström Berg (member since 2015), and with "Love Equals War" promises to create positive vibes among the majority of the AOR freaks out there. 

I think, and after a couple of spins, that the new record is a step forward regarding the classic debut. It's a bit edgier than "Connected" but it stays focus on the big melodies and the 'classic' mid 80's melodic rock sound. In my humble opinion, "Love Equals War" sounds something between Survivor, Strangeways and H.E.A.T. (the first two records). 

Songs like "Your Perfection", "Hit", "Ivory Tower", "We Will Find A Way" and "She Leads You On" are edgy melodic rockers that include some catchy as hell choruses, superb melodic lines and an overall punchier sound (regarding the debut). I, also, think that the above mentioned tracks are the best, in my humble opinion, of this new album. There are also some slower, more AOR-ish, tunes like the acoustic "All I Got" and "Cold As My Heart" that are pure melodic rock heaven as well. 

Bottom line is that Care Of Night is the next big thing of the Euro melodic rock/AOR scene. There is no doubt 'bout that! "Love Equals War" is an opus that you will fall in love with at first listening. It includes some killer tracks in it, killer melodies to die for, superb performances plus an excellent production thanks to Erik Wigelius (Wigelius) that makes it a must have for each and every single fan of the melodic rock sound.

Rating : 9/10

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