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THERAPY? launch new single 'Wreck It Like Beckett' with lyric video. CLEAVE out 21/9 (Marshall Records)

THERAPY? launch new single 'Wreck It Like Beckett' with lyric video.
New album CLEAVE to be released September 21st, 2018 via Marshall Records. 

Alternative punk-rock trio Therapy?'s forthcoming album 'CLEAVE'  will be unleashed to the world on 21st September 2018 through Marshall Records. The band have just launched a brand new lyric video for the opening track 'Wreck It Like Beckett' which is a statement of intent to start over and sets the tone for the new chapter the band are about to embark on.

You can view the music video HERE

Andy Cairns says this about ‘Wreck It Like Beckett’

"This song originated with Michael. He told me he had a riff which reminded him of She Watch Channel Zero by Public Enemy and he sent me over a bass riff, a guitar riff and a drum beat. I thought the riff was incredible, and so we chopped it up in the rehearsal room, to make it more stop-start, like [classic Therapy? tracks] Knives or Screamager, and that really worked. Lyrically, it’s about trying to start anew. The reason that [Irish playwright and poet] Samuel Beckett is referenced in the title is that each time Beckett began a new project he used to imagine that he was sitting at a desk and could swipe his arm across the desk to clear away all the sheets of paper so that he could make a fresh start. This is a song that sets the album up as a new chapter for Therapy?.”

You can now pre-order the album via Amazon, iTunes and Pledge Music HERE

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“Irish trio unleash riotous late-period eager. It’s high time to start showing this band some love again” Planet Rock Magazine - 4* 

“Maybe this is the soundtrack for the revolution?” - Powerplay Magazine - 9/10

“Bruising, melodic, vigorous; music for murky imaginings. Cairns, McKeegan and Cooper live to destroy another day” - Classic Rock


(auto-antonym) i. To prise apart ii. To bring together
Therapy?’s fifteenth studio album, CLEAVE will be released on September 21st 2018. Roughly themed around notions of duality and division, the band’s follow-up to 2015’s acclaimed Disquiet - and their first recording for new label Marshall Records – is a sharply focused, fiercely intelligent, impassioned and empowering set of songs from a band operating at a creative and artistic peak. A scathing, incisive state-of-the-nation address, investigating the schisms in contemporary society and the motivations of those seeking to propagate disjuncture, it’s a powerful, challenging, uncompromising collection from a band never afraid to confront and dissect humanity’s darkest impulses.
From the thrillingly propulsive assault of Wreck It Like Beckett via the addictive Callow (the album's first single, out now) and the unsettling I Stand Alone to the disquieting, bleakly beautiful No Sunshine, the ten tracks which make up CLEAVE coalesce to paint a portrait of a fractured, dislocated world rent by unprincipled, mendacious masters.

1. Wreck It Like Beckett
2. Kakistocracy
3. Callow
4. Expelled
5. Success? Success Is Survival
6. Save Me From The Ordinary
7. Crutch
8. I Stand Alone
9. Dumbdown
10. No Sunshine
Andy Cairns is justifiably proud of the unified drive and restless creativity evident in this powerful, questing collection and says this about the forthcoming opus
“I know that we can be a difficult sell, because we have no particular niche and no desire to conform,” he admits, “but Therapy? have always been the kind of band that when people discover us, they immerse themselves deep and keep us close to their hearts. We’ve never been part of a trend, so we’ve never been cast aside when fashions changed. CLEAVE, to me, is Therapy? at our most focused. I love our more experimental side, but I also love that this record sounds like it was made by a band who’re all reading from the same script and moving forward with the same determination and hunger.”
“We’re living in a time riven by conflict,” Andy Cairns states baldly. “You look at what’s happening in the United States at present, what’s going on with Brexit in the UK, with North and South Korea, with Palestine and Israel, and it’s impossible not to see turmoil and turbulence. Some of these conflicts have been going on as long as I can remember, but they seemed to really reach a head again around the time we were writing the album. CLEAVE is our response to the divisions we see all around us.”
The result is one of the most formidable, provocative and impactful albums of Therapy?’s storied 29 year career, once again proving that the band’s pre-eminence as one of the UK’s most inventive, fearless and individualistic musical artists.
Therapy? Is
Andrew James Cairns - Vocals/Guitar
Michael McKeegan - Bass
Neil Cooper - Drums
Therapy? Will embark on an album release tour in November across the UK.
Therapy? ‘Going Somewhere’ tour dates.

8-Nov Cardiff The Globe
9-Nov Southampton Engine Rooms
10-Nov Norwich Waterfront
11-Nov Nottingham Rescue Rooms
12-Nov Glasgow Garage
13-Nov Sheffield o2 Academy 2
15-Nov Stoke Sugarmill
16-Nov Manchester Gorilla
17-Nov Leeds Brudenell
19-Nov Brighton Concorde 2
20-Nov Bristol SWX
21-Nov Exeter Phoenix
22-Nov London O2 Islington Academy
23-Nov Birmingham Asylum
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