Friday, September 7, 2018

ENEMY INSIDE and OUTLOUD to release lyric videos for their new singles

German female fronted Rock/Metal band ENEMY INSIDE release a lyric video for their brand new single "Oblivion" today. 
The "Oblivion" lyric video was created by Jim Evgenidis at Icon Filmworx Studios.
The track is taken from the band's upcoming debut album "Phoenix" due on 28th of September, 2018.

Singer Nastassja Giulia comments:
“And as the air escapes my lungs, we’re hiding in oblivion..” This song is about mortality and the longing for peace and rest. It’s about being in the last stages of life and having someone by your side when the end approaches. “Take me in your loving arms, as life fades away..”

Melodic hard rockers OUTLOUD release the second single from their new album "Virtual Hero Society (aka VHS)" due on 14th of September, 2018.
The lyric video for "I Am The One" can be watched here:
The band comments "Born in the late 70's, we grew up with the great music of the 80's and all these big productions with lots of keyboards, shiny choruses, wrapped on an uplifting tempo. "I Am The One" is the first song we wrote for the album "Virtual Hero Society" and in it we tried to capture that spirit by also adding our usual heavy guitars and groove. The lyrics are positive, talking about the power of two people when joining together for a common cause. That's why we're here for: you and us to bring back the power of Music & Melody in our lives!"

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