Saturday, June 2, 2018


Another hard to get, for many years, and for damn sure another classic album comes as a reissue from AOR Heaven records. This time the classic debut opus "The State Of Rock" from Frontline comes out, plus two bonus tracks, to make each and every single fan of the melodic rock scene very proud.

"The State Of Rock" is an album that every fan of this particular scene should own, period! It's one of these records that you will play for days, months...years! Yes, it's that good! Stephan Kaemmerer's voice sounds like Steve Perry and Robby Boebel's guitar lines are simply stunning! Man, I just love this kinda of guitars. Sharp, extremely melodic and inspired.....what else do you need from a guitarist?

Btw, as I said above, this is a classic album all the way. It includes some killer tunes in it (in fact there's no filler in sight), excellent musicianship, superb performances and tons of melodies to die for. "Another Love" is just awesome melodic rock at its best! In my humble opinion, this track could easily fit in every early Journey album. "Heaven Can't Wait", the edgier "Heaven Knows", "Dangerous Game", "Hold On" and "Victim Of Madness" (one of my all time Frontline faves) are all perfect and edgy melodic rock stuff at its highest order. The hooks, the choruses, the guitars....are all perfectly balanced. 

Frontline was a top act and still remains one of the best of its kind in this kinda of scene. Albums like this one or "Heroes" are standing strong through the test of time and prove that this music is timeless.

Rating : 10/10

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