Monday, March 5, 2018

REVIEW : Riffocity --- Under A Mourning Sky (2018)

My latest discovery is a band that is called Riffocity. A thrashy metal band that hailed from Serres, North Greece. Having already released an EP in 2017 (Disciples Of The Storm), the band strikes back with its debut album with the title "Under A Morning Sky".

Riffocity consists of Thomas Trabouras on vocals, Dimitris Kalaitzidis on guitars and backing vocals, George Lezkidis on guitars, Panos Savvas on bass guitar and Tasos Daimantidis on drums. The album is produced by Riffocity and Bob Katsionis. Katsionis has, also, handled the mastering and mixing of "Under A Mourning Sky".

"Under A Mourning Sky" is a 10-track album that first of all includes some serious and thrashy in-your-bones songs such as "Hail Thy Father", "Bitter Sunday", "From Inside The Arrow Comes" and the self-titled track and secondly it features a more melodic and darker face with songs such as "Arnis Oblivion" and "Fortunes Of Death". Especially the last two mentioned tracks are just awesome, if you ask me. Both songs includes some excellent melodies, great arrangements and a more melancholic vibe in it that I truly loved. The heavier songs here are fast-paced, aggressive, in-your-face, sharp guitars and as long as I remember (from my youth days) recalls to the classic thrash metal scene of the mid-80's with a more updated approach.  The last tune of "Above The End", that features the 'mighty' Bob Katsionis, is epic, big and for damn sure has the signature of Katsionis. One of the album's highlights.

For those who know my music taste thrash metal, it is not my cup of tee, or beer if your prefer. But I have to admit that with Riffocity, things are a bit different; there are some tracks on "Under A Mourning Sky that really shines. The guitar work is yet another strong point of the band (I guess that's how they got their name). The arrangements are solid and the final result is really very professional. If your are a fan of the classic thrash metal scene or even the newer aggressive melodic metal stuff, then Riffocity is a strong purchase. 

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