Tuesday, March 6, 2018

REVIEW : Bonfire --- Temple Of Lies (AFM Records, April 2018)

I truly love this band! Bonfire is one of my all time favorite bands from the European melodic hard rock scene ever! Having released back in the mid 80's but, also, in the early/mid 90's some classic records (Don't Touch The Light, Fireworks, Point Black and Rebel Soul) these Germans strike back with a brand new opus which is entitled "Temple Of Lies" through AFM RECORDS.

This time Bonfire has a new vocalist on board. Alexx Stahl is the name of the band's new shouter and as far as I'm concerned he is doin' an excellent job regarding the vocals here. His vocals are rough, high-pitched (when's necessary) and they fit perfectly with Bonfire. I think with Stahl Bonfire will entry to a new music 'dimension' and will gain some new music fans as well.

We were extremely lucky to find Alexx,” offers guitarist Hans Ziller in an explanation of the group’s current creative and musical high. “He’s a team player who looks after his voice in a totally professional way and treats it like the important tool that it is."

The first sample of the 'new' Bonfire comes  with the fast-paced "Temple Of Lies"!!! This is a 'punchy' n' powerful melodic (almost) metal tune that features some high-pitched vocals by Stahl and a heavier approach that I like a lot!!! "On The Wings Of An Angel" is a 'classic' bonfire track. Sounds like it jumped out from 'Point Black' album and it's truly a highlight!!! "Stand Or Fall" and "I'll Never Be Loved By You" are two more solid rockers! Heavier and with attitude these two songs are just pure Euro melodic hard rock bliss. With "Fly Away" Bonfire offers yet another killer tune! Edgy and up-tempo with a monstrous chorus line "Fly Away" is just awesome!

Finally, Bonfire strikes back with an album that can stand equally besides their classic records such as 'Fireworks' and 'Point Black'. I don't have really nothing more to say besides that "Temple Of Lies" is just killer!!!

Rating : 9/10

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