Saturday, January 27, 2018

REVIEW : Revertigo -- REVERTIGO (Frontiers Music s.r.l., February 2018)

REVERTIGO is a new project/band that consists of the mighty Mats Leven (Dogface, Yngwie Malmsteen, GUS G, TREAT and the list goes on and on...) on lead vocals and Anders Wikström (TREAT) on guitars.

Both musicians have a strong friendship, for nearly 30 years, and REVERTIGO is the result of this friendship. “Mats and I always had an idea of creating something that would celebrate the fact that we really enjoy working together, but with busy separate music careers, it wasn ́t until 2016, we sat down and concentrated on new songs with a firm plan” explains Anders and Mats adds “The fact that we, besides writing for other international artists, hadn't done a proper album together in 25 years also gave the writing and recording process of Revertigo a purpose.

Revertigo plays traditional melodic hard rock stuff, with a more metallic edge in it, that brings back into my mind TREAT's self titled record (w. Mats Leven on lead vox). There is, also, a more updated (modern hard rock) vibe in it that makes the final result even more attractive. Of course,, Mats Leven's voice is, once again, on top form and the overall production is fat and big.

The first sample of Revertigo's music comes with the opener tune of "Hoodwinked". A track that could easily appear in Dogface's classic "Unleashed" opus. The guitars by Wikström are heavy, sharp and melodic and Leven 's raspy vocals are the cherry on top. Next, "Sailing Stones" is pure killer melodic hard rock bliss with a superb chorus line to sing-a-long. Excellent stuff! The moodier "Symphony Of Fallen Angels" is again an amazing track while with the more classic hard rock gem of "The Cause" the boys overcome themselves and deliver a monster track!! Man, I just love this record so far!!

The modern "Gate Of The Gods" is more technical, more complex (regarding the previous ones) but I have to say that I like it. The groovier (reminds me of Billy Idol's earlier works) "False Flag" and the 'theatrical' n' punchy "Joan Of Arc" are two more very interesting moments of this new album.

Revertigo is a band that consists of two great musicians (Mats Leven and Anders Wikström) that both put heart, soul, inspiration and their personal influences and create an extremely interesting and solid debut album that will please both classic hard rock and modern rock fans equally.  

Rating : 8,5/10

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