Friday, January 5, 2018

REVIEW : LIONE / CONTI --- LIONE / CONTI (Frontiers Music s.r.l., January 2018)

Judging by the art-cover of this new project by Frontiers Records, it looks like a new 'version' of Allen/Lande 's albums. Alessandro Conti is the singer of the Italian power metal band Trick Or Treat and Fabio Lione is the original singer of Rhaposdy, who fronted the band’s classic albums and he sang for Alex Staropoli’s RHAPSODY OF FIRE.

These two renewed musicians join their forces and create the project of Lione/Conti. Except those two musicians, we, also, find Marco Lanciotti on drums, Filippo Martignano on keyboards and Simone Mularoni (who is also responsible for the production/mixing/mastering) on guitars and bass.

For those of you that are into the melodic power metal scene, this album will make your day; no doubt about that. The same goes, also, for those who loved the Allen/Lande albums. In general, this record is full of big melodies, powerful vocals, heavy guitars and some incredible hooks and choruses to sing-a-long for days.

"Ascension" is the opening tune of this new album and it's simply a killer track all the way. Powerful, ridiculously melodic with a hook line that grabs you at once. "Outcome" is slightly heavier but again extremely melodic while in "Somebody Else" we are dealing with another highlight out of this debut. An epic power metal ballad that features big orchestrations and a huge guitar work that rockets this song to a higher level. Excellent, just excellent!!! The fast-paced "Misbeliever", "Destruction Show" and the metal hymn of "Glories" will put a wide smile upon the face of every power metal freak out there. With "Gravity" Lione and Conti deliver yet another killer melodic metal gem (that features an insane guitar solo) that is among my personal favorites here.

As I already mentioned above, this album is a must have for each and every serious melodic power metal fan out there. If you already love Allen'Lande's albums, then you will love this one equally. The performances are top notch, the guitar work is really 'magical' and all the tracks here are well-written and well-performed. 

Rating : 8/10

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