Tuesday, October 10, 2017

REVIEW : Dante Fox -- Six String Revolver (2017)

Dante Fox is for damn sure a band that knows how to deliver good and solid melodic rock stuff. From their debut back in 1989 till their last one, "Breathless", last year, Dante Fox is a band that does not disappoint their fans.

"Six String Revolver", the brand new album, sees Dante Fox pay homage to their most popular songs from the first two albums from the 90’s. All of these songs are re-recorded in a very 'tender' way without loosing any of their 'old days' magic. At this point someone would probably rightly say : "why re-recorded songs and not new stuff?". As far as I'm concerned, I would dare to say that any band that makes a move like this one, it is probably aiming at some younger fans to learn its past.

To be honest, I like this band a lot and I have to say that I like these tunes a lot too. All the songs here sound fresh, updated and up-lifting. The vocals of Sue Willetts are top notch, as always, and the guitars of Tim Manford are melodic n' crunchy. The rhythm section of Eric Rango and Alan Mills is tight and overall the band is sounding tighter than ever.

From the fantastic and ultra catchy opening tune of "Firing My Heart", you get the overall picture of how "Six String Revolver" sounds. This is probably my favorite Dante Fox track. An absolute killer song that features this late 80's melodic rock feeling in it and a superb chorus line. Excellent stuff! "Lonely", "Under The City Lights" and "Still Remember Love" are all three solid AOR gems that feature solid arrangements, superb vocal lines and tons of melodies to die for. Another favorite Dante Fox song is the slight heavier "Remember My Name". This one includes more groove, more attitude and some bad-ass riffs enough to make you turn the volume up!!!  Check out also the up-beat and melodious "I Can't Sleep" and the fantastic mid-tempo "All That I Need". 

This is a brilliant rock album all the way. As I mentioned above, Dante Fox is a band that knows how to deliver a solid melodic rock album. Melodies, choruses to sing-a-long, great guitar work, a superb musicianship and top notch performances are the ingredients of this record. Well done!!!

Rating : 9/10

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