Saturday, September 9, 2017


Nocturnal Rites, the Swedish melodic metal band, released its last opus back in 2007 (with the title "The 8th Sin") and after that they disappeared. But the band's announcement of making new music, filled with happiness the heart of their fans.

So, Nocturnal Rites are finally back with a brand new album which is entitled "Phoenix". “Looking back and realizing that ten years have passed since we last released an album is kind of mind-boggling.Luckily, we never stopped writing songs and we always knew we’d finish this album" ,bassist Nils Eriksson Lidman explains. And continues  "We really took the time to work through each song and make sure we had a mix of material that made up a diverse collection of tracks. “I think ‘Phoenix’ somehow combines the aggressive approach of ‘Afterlife’ with the very melodic stuff of ‘The 8th Sin’ and at the same adds a few new, more orchestral and epic elements to the mix”.

The new opus kicks-off with "A Heart As Black As Coal". This is without any doubt a strong start from Nocturnal Rites. Aggressive, melodic and modern but with a huge and super catchy chorus line!!! For sure, a great opener for this new album. Next, "Before We Waste Away" is more melodic, bigger and with an even better chorus line; excellent melodic metal stuff at its best!

"Repent My Sins" and "What's Killing Me" are both solid samples of pure modern melodic metal. Both tracks include razor and sharp guitars, melodies and powerful performances. What else has to ask an ordinary metal fan? "Nothing Can Break Me" is yet another killer song out of the this new release. I really like the fact that Nocturnal Rites achieve to combine perfectly the classic metal scene with the modern melodic metal sound.

Killer melodic metal album!!!! Nocturnal Rites strikes back with a really powerful record that will please every serious metal-head out there!

Rating : 9/10

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