Saturday, September 9, 2017

REVIEW : Midnite City -- Midnite City (2017)

Midnite City is a new band that consists of Tigertailz's front-man Rob Wylde, Pete Newdeck (Newman/ Eden's Curse, Blood Red Saints), guitarist Miles Meakin and Shawn Charvette on keyboards. The sound of Midnite City is basically late 80's melodic hard rock with some strong pinches of the Hair Metal scene.

The first couple of songs that opens this surprisingly good record are "We Belong" and "Ghost Of My Old Friends". Both are simply breathtaking and include every little thing that we love from this kinda of music; loud guitars, in-your-face and with attitude vocals, huge melodies to die for and a late 80's vibe!! Great stuff!!

"Summer Of Our Lives" includes this 'classic Sunstrip' sound in it that recalls this great era in in while in "Everything You Meant To Me" we are dealing with a really cool ballad (in the vain of EMN's 'Love Can Make You Blind').

The party and the up-tempo rhythms continue with the ultra catchy tune of "Can't Wait For The Nights", the modern "One Step Away" and the very commercial "Things She Said".

Midnite City is definitely a band that knows how to write a catchy and with a feel-good vibe song, no doubt 'bout that. Their debut is a hymn for the late 80's melodic hard rock scene but also is a record that will gain every rock freak out there. So, sit back, grab yourself a couple of cold beers, crank it up and enjoy the ride!!

Rating : 9/10

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