Monday, June 26, 2017

REVIEW : Broken Teeth -- 4 On The Floor (2017)

Broken Teeth is the perfect sample of a band that stays true to the roots of the so called dirty rock 'n' roll. Up-beat, punchy and with lots of attitude Broken Teeth's music is build up to be played on maximum volume.

Their AC/DC-esque rock 'n' roll grabs you at once and leaves you hungry for more! From the opening tune of "Four On The Floor" you'll be hit by a thunderous and classic heavy rock stuff that sounds like it jumped out from AC/DC's earlier classic records. Yep it's so good!!!

Next, "Sinful" is yet another cool and 'dirty' rock song that brings back memories from another era. The bluesier guitars along with Jason McMaster's vocals are pure candy in my ears. With "All Or Nothing" the band delivers a punchier and in-your-face rocker that takes no prisoners!! Damn, I love this album!!! A more late 70's sound features in the 'darker' "Borrowed Time" while in "House Of Damnation" we are dealing with 'ballsier' and more aggressive track (more close to Dangerous Toys) which I like it a lot!! "Never Dead" (the guitars here are just killer) is probably the heaviest tune out of the new album but it's again another solid one. The new opus, also, features a cover of KISS's classic song "Rock Bottom", A nice cover I would dare to say.

For sure, Broken Teeth doesn't disappoint and achieve, once again, to deliver a punchy, old-fashioned and in-your-face record!!!!

Rating :7,5/10

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